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Giving Back to Society, Making a Positive Influence

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are aimed to serve as a catalyst to transform the community by setting a new standard for valuing and investing in people’s lives.

At Gemini, we believe corporates should invest in improving society and help people find solutions that will be suitable to their specific needs and the local environment. We serve our community by working with less fortunate people as we want to ensure that our social responsibility initiatives help us transcend the boundaries.

As an IT company, we use the power of technology to amplify our community development efforts. One of our focus areas is education, where technology can help increase engagement and bring in behavioral changes.

We want to build trust, raise awareness, and encourage sustainable social change. Our objective is to do our part in addressing issues like reducing carbon footprint, community development and promoting health and education.

Our ideology is to transform lives through the continuous enhancement of knowledge and empowerment.

We choose to do what is right not only for our bottom line, but also benefit the community around us. Giving back to society is our duty and not charity.


Find a sustainable code that can help us solve socio-economic issues and develop the community.


Complement the role of the government and grassroots organizations to create a healthy, equitable society.


The core values that guide us in our mission are Trust, Awareness, Accountability, Sustainability and Empowerment.

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