Every organization should know how to manage people, money and materials in the best possible manner according to circumstances and the environment. But not many would know that Bhagavad Gita can offer us some valuable insights on organizational management. Download this whitepaper and discover the management lessons that are deeply embedded in the verses of Bhagavad Gita. Blend them with modern industrial practices to develop effective and sustainable principles of management for modern workplaces.


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    Agile development and continuous testing are enhancing the quality of software applications and increasing the productivity of teams. Performance testing is an essential testing process that helps keep your customers happy by ensuring the software performs optimally. Careful planning and execution of performance testing are crucial to identify discrepancies and resolve issues in the software. Download this whitepaper to understand different types of performance testing and how to execute them efficiently.


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      SAP Analytics Cloud can transform the way business decisions are made by providing everyone in an enterprise with the insights they need. Leveraging cloud, augmented and predictive analytics, planning capabilities and BI, you can extract information from your data quickly and accelerate decision-making. Download this whitepaper to know how SAP Analytics Cloud enables the mobile workforce and helps users.


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        The meteoric rise of mobile technology has led to the incredible success of smartphones and tablets in the application market. Not only the consumer centric apps, but enterprise apps have also moved to mobile. This trend, however, has made mobile app testing a bit more complex and challenging. Download this whitepaper to know how to develop a sound mobile test automation strategy that ensures the quality of apps and their release on time.


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          SAP BW/4HANA, the next generation warehouse solution from SAP, offers reduced data layers and much higher agility. With its data tiering optimization and analytical engine improvements, SAP BW/4HANA, helps enterprises reduce modelling cost and provides structured and unstructured data in real-time. It also brings in a much faster response as it is completely optimized for HANA. Read this whitepaper to know how your company can take advantage of SAP BW/4HANA.


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            The Client

            A leading private university in the US. The Institution’s faculty and researchers are engaged in offering world-class patient care and producing cutting edge research.

            The Challenge

            The university was looking for an efficient solution to better manage student relations from admission to graduation. There was no integration between various departments, such as human resources, finance and research. Most of the processes were manually run or dependent on the legacy system, leading to errors and downtime. The university wanted to maintain students’ records, including admission and application process, course registration, curriculum management, academic grades, scholarships, fee payment and recruitment in an easily manageable and accessible manner.

            The Solution

            Initially, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the client’s business processes, IT system dependency and business objectives. Considering the number of students, its campuses abroad and the research collaboration projects in place, we decided to implement a cloud-based student lifecycle management (SLCM) system for the medical school.  We created a detailed implementation roadmap defining and mapping exact business processes in the cloud-based system. The system was implemented with HR and finance modules.


            We delivered end-to-end solutions for admission and application, curriculum management, course registration, student financials, event planning, exams, assessments and grades, degree audit and graduation, academic advising, professors’ self-service, academic advisors’ self-service, student self-service and mobile services, and reporting.


            These solutions were enabled with the aim of integrating and automating the existing business processes. We also developed a single-window portal that gave controlled access to students and faculties for interactions.

            The Benefits

            The system integrated and streamlined business processes across various university departments, making it easy for people to collaborate and share information. The system automated training requests by eliminating manual requests and approvals. It offered real-time access to data, thereby improving visibility and increasing efficiency in academic programs. The automated online portal that is part of the SLCM system allowed students to enroll, register, assess semester-wise progress and prepared them for self-evaluation. The system also provided easy to operate tools to help students identify and track their paths to graduation. It enhanced student-faculty relationships and established common monitoring and feedback processes. Since our cloud-based SLCM system offered multiple back-ups of data at scheduled intervals it ensured data integrity and prevented data loss.

            The students in the university managed to explore new options for financial assistance and grants. The system linked the grants to student payables like tuition fees and hostel fees, so they only pay the amount owed to the institution, thereby helping them plan their expenses with accuracy.

            With the SLCM system in place, students and the university staff can now engage in comprehensive self-service using their smartphones.

            As a good financial management system built on a powerful architecture with many advanced security features, the SLCM provided role-based access to confidential financial data and prevented unauthorized access.

            The SLCM system has led to higher staff productivity and simplification of HR processes. It has also improved the school’s budget management and the academic performance of students.


            It is time to shift the focus from operational data (O-data) to experience data (X-data). Break down HR silos and deliver an end-to-end experience to the workforce that inspires them. Allow people to do things quickly and easily by connecting them and providing more productive tools. Experience data help enterprises understand the gaps and allow measures to be taken in specific ways to improve the performance of employees. Download this whitepaper to know how to utilize the HXM solutions to enhance productivity at the workplace.


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              Big Data analytics is used for examining data to uncover hidden patterns, market trends, customer preferences and other helpful insights. The process helps an organization to make better business decisions, predict customer preferences and launch personalized products and services. Enterprises can utilize big data analytics to understand an earlier business event and predict future trends in the market.Read this whitepaper to know how your company can make use of big data analytics to stay ahead of the curve.


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                Customer Relationship Management (CRM) establishes a common language between businesses and IT. CRM business capabilities will help enterprises to understand the current state, envisioning the future and crafting strategies. Market researchers can employ CRM processes not only to retain existing customers satisfied but also to attract new ones. Read this whitepaper to know how CRM technology can change the way customers get information about products and services.


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                  SAP S/4HANA can accelerate your digital transformation journey. The intelligent ERP system enables and enhances any kind of business application that an enterprise is likely to adopt, including big data analytics, real-time analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, you need extensive support from experts to realize the full potential of S/4HANA. Read this whitepaper to learn how to plan and implement S/4 HANA migration


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