How Data Analytics Is changing Sports?

April 24, 2020by Sreekala Girija0

A game creates millions of data points if captured. These data points can provide actionable intelligence to sports franchisees that can not only impact their performance but also financials and popularity. Data analytics is changing sports like never before.

In the last couple of decades, sports and games have travelled a long distance from being instinctive and natural to driven by numbers and stats. And the transformation continues as the world goes digital and data driven. One of the success stories on the adoption of data analytics in sports is the baseball team Oakland Athletics. Billy Beane, team’s general manager, helped it to the playoffs on a tight budget by using statistics and data analysis to evaluate and identify players.

Today, the use of data analytics in sports has advanced and is now used to select players, analyze performance, and make decisions across multiple games. Data analysts are now a part of most of the teams and new franchisees are using many analytics software. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global sports analytics market is estimated to reach $6.37 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 40.4% from 2019 to 2026.

Data Analytics in Sports: Creating A 360-degree Impact

Auction Intelligence

Data analytics has helped sports franchises in sharpening their auction strategies. You can get data intelligence on picking players based on their performance history, your needs and budget. It can help you identify undervalued but potential winners. And this is impacting buying patterns. Today sports franchisees, armed with auction intelligence, are signing fewer but more suitable players. This is helping them better optimize their financial resources without compromising on the performance.

Strategic Insights

Sports is not just about capabilities but also about strategies. More so in team sports. Understanding the game of the opponents and then building a counter strategy requires historical data of many years, analysis of individual players, field conditions and then align it with your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Sport analytics software today have the capability to process voluminous data at high speed to give you deep insights which can then be used to build game strategies.

Performance Intelligence

Data analytics is now being used to boost the performance of athletes and players. Wearables are used to collect data like distance covered, speed, heart rate, acceleration, and metabolic load distance etc., of individual players and then processed using advanced sports analytics software to derive granular insights on an individual’s body type and athletic capabilities. Theses insights are then used to make informed decisions on what type of players to recruit and their role in the team.

Predictive Intelligence

There are critical moments in a game that can impact results. Players react differently to game pressures. You need the right player at the right moment to sail you through those moments. Data scientists have developed “ghosting”, a technique where predictive algorithms are used to ascertain how players will react to different game situations. This helps teams in identifying the players for those game-changing moments or situations.

Fan Engagement

Not just teams and players, the fans too have gone data savvy. Data has changed broadcasting and watching games. Statistics and data have taken precedence over stories and anecdotes in the commentary. Today, you have lot more data shown on the screens than just scores. New analytics-based games are developed wherein fans crunch numbers, build their teams, and get engaged more deeply with the game. Teams can measure their popularity through sentimental analysis and create strategies to win fans.

Data analytics is taking sports to another level. It has raised the performance, helped players be more consistent and has provided fans an opportunity to enjoy sports in new ways. This has also helped teams in raising financial resources. Equipped with data, the teams are now better placed to negotiate and get a deserving price on brand endorsements, partnerships and revenues.

But it’s just the beginning. Remember, every game creates massive amounts of data points. That’s a lot of opportunities to transform the performance of a team and put it on the top of the table. At, Gemini Consulting & Services, we can help you build quick capabilities in Data Analytics. We can help you get a 360-degree view of your Team/Franchisee and assist you with Auction Intelligence, Team Intelligence and Sentimental Analysis.


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