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Digital insights made easier

Tired of fake and misleading online reviews? Rank World helps you discover the most happening places near you. It is a highly intuitive ranking application that enables to create, manage, and share rank lists. You can view honest feedback from authorized people on Rank World.  Unlike reviews, ranking is quick, easy and simple. Rank World also lets you share your experience with the rest of the world through ranking. With the Rank World application, you do not have to worry about what is trending online – from Banks to Restaurants to Hotels to Health services, everything is ranked. You can create and view polls on Entertainment, Celebrities, Sports, Tourist attraction and much more on Rank World.

Advantages of Rank World

  • Intuitive User Interface: Ran World’s intuitive UI design simplifies the task of collecting the feedback and improves engagement with various stakeholders
  • Open Source Community: Rank World’s core engine will be available as Apache Open Source Project for developer community to contribute
  • Crowd Sourcing: Create simple polls quickly and easily and share your opinions and comments using Rank World application
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