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Boost your brand awareness

In an age where information is plentiful and digital exchanges are commonplace, it is not easy to make your brand stand out from the crowd. You have to come up with extraordinary communication strategies to increase brand awareness among customers. We can make your task easier. Stopple, Gemini’s product offering is there to help you grab customer’s attention.

Designed with an objective to provide a world class information system to millions of people using advanced audio-visual technologies, Stopple can bring your brand closer to the customers. As a web-based solution, Stopple is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. Stopple can positively influence your marketing efforts, brand perception and sales revenues. Stopple can also be used for information sharing and public interest announcements.

What Stopple offers:

  • As a powerful footfall driver, stopple is ideal for malls
  • Useful in hospitals, banks and other services sector companies
  • Can function 24*7 as a live TV
  • It can be set up in railway stations, airports, metro stations and bus stops
  • It exposes the advertisers and branding messages to the captive audience
  • It offers high-value experience using both audio-video technologies
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