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Workpresso is an employee utility platform that makes communication between the organization and its employees faster and more efficient. Using Workpresso platform, one can easily track staff who occupy different workspaces in a large building. Organizations can utilize this platform to send event notifications and reminders to employees.

Apart from saving a lot of time, the platform with a very user-friendly design and settings, can be used for providing navigation directions to employees during an emergency evacuation. During an incident like a fire accident, the incident commander can start the evacuation process using this platform and then send notification to all the users. On Workpresso, the floor warden can monitor the movement of people and see the list of members who are safe and who are still inside the building. Users receive notification when the incident commander initiates the process, and they need to click on the safe button once they safely exit the building.

Key features:

  • Locate each corner of your workspace without difficulty
  • Efficient evacuation system to save people during an emergency
  • Employee directory to find the contact details of co-workers
  • Browse nearby restaurants, access their menu and reach them instantly
  • Employees can create events, display former, current and upcoming events in calendar view
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