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For secure financial transactions

Miri Systems is a digital authentication platform with innovative security features that makes it easy for consumers to carry out financial transactions using MiriCard app. This premier authentication technology for digital transactions is designed to combat fraud. It offers worldwide through a number of industry-specific solutions. This flexible technology can be easily customized and can be inserted into an institution’s existing app. The app generates a unique 16-character alphanumeric code for each time-bound login session, which can be used to login securely through third party computers. The app can also be used for positively identifying and authenticating users.

Key Features

  • MiriToken is a soft token that authorizes secure access to computer systems.
  • MiriID and Miri Systems login app generate a unique 16-digit code for each time-bound login session.
  • MiriCard is a quick, easy-to-use cutting-edge secure payment card emulation solution that looks and functions like a credit/debit card number.
  • MiriPay is a universal payment solution that offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use and a convenient method for making and receiving payments.


  • Works on Smart Phones, PCs, Macs Tablets
  • Low overhead on backend systems and seamless integration with any system
  • Built-in, multi factor authentication
  • Flexible, easy-to-use and can be tailored for institutional use
  • Auditing and Fraud Detection on user activities
  • Simple with positive end-user experience
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