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Agile Development



Businesses are operating in an environment where technology is undergoing rapid changes. Companies require flexible and adaptable software solutions to keep pace with these technological changes. Gemini can help you deliver winning digital experience with its agile development model.

Our agile process is geared towards rapid software development, where the highest priority is to satisfy the customers. We have a multi-disciplinary team with diverse skill sets, including developers, Quality Assurance (QA) and database engineers, designers and analysts, focusing on creating a delivery cadence by breaking the problem into digestible components, which can be developed and tested with users. When conventional models fail, our time-bound, iterative approach of agile development ensures continuous delivery of valuable software.

Our agile development process starts with a vision statement rather than process requirements. It encourages ongoing process of improvement, where the software is constantly updated, supported and enhanced.

  • Welcomes changing customer requirements
  • Establishes a mindset for continuous improvement
  • People on the team become productive
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