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Open Source ERP



One of the biggest advantages of open source ERP is that it does not involve the burden of licensing software by physically using software keys or registering and installing the products. This is particularly suitable to small and medium businesses working within a modest budget as open source ERP help them avoid software licensing. Another overwhelming advantage of open source ERP is that it is flexible and adaptable. As the source code is publicly available, businesses can explore more open and interconnected ERP platform models.

At Gemini, we can help you modify the source code of open ERP and customize it for you. If the modification process goes south your business will suffer. With Gemini around, you can get the modules in accordance with your business requirements. We provide implementation and support to all the leading open source ERP software, including ODOO, ERP Next and Now ERP.  


  • Suitable for SMEs
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • Budget friendly
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