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SAP Testing

Ensure quality, reduce risk and save time

We combine the power of our extensive experience in enterprise technology, deep knowledge of SAP modules and our quality management process to offer you accurate, effective and impeccable SAP solutions. Our test automation process ensures that the functionalities of your SAP solutions are tested to the finest standards. It assures the quality, correctness and completeness of your SAP software.

We offer the entire range of automated testing services, including Test Automation Assessment and Return on Investment (RoI) analysis, Test Automation Tool Assessment and suggestions and implementation of highly robust test automation framework for Smoke, Sanity, Regression etc.

Our Automation tools and Quality Management solutions focus on providing an SAP environment that helps you reduce inefficiencies and save time for adding new applications and updates. Our SAP Testing services include System Testing, Regression Testing, Test Management, User Acceptance Testing, Business Process Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Middleware Testing, Accessibility Testing and Test Data Management. Take advantage of our Testing framework and strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

                                                                                                             Testing Strategy

1. Testing Activity

Referring to the Testing Level document, testing activities will be identified.

2. Build Releasing

The Build will be released after the completion of unit testing of every sub-module/module.

3. Test Estimation

The Test Effort Estimation will be done using the specified guidelines. The Test Lead will do the estimation for the Test Effort and the same will be reviewed by the Project Manager.

4. Test Case Preparation and Modification

Complete Build Acceptance Testing (Smoke Testing) would be used as promotion criteria for testing. The Testing team would prepare the functional test cases based on the requirements.

These test cases would encompass testing the core functionalities of the modules. As it is a reusable product up to some extent, test cases are reusable.

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