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Automate Insurance T&C Documents with Gen AI

The Client

A leading insurance company in India.

The challenge

In the rapidly evolving insurance industry, managing policy Terms and Conditions (T&C) documentation is a complex and critical task. The client wanted to ensure accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in updating these documents that involve multiple stakeholders and processes. The client was looking for an AI-based solution that can revolutionize the way it handles T&C documentation, providing a dynamic, automated, and efficient approach.

The Solution

Managing and approving T&C documents in the insurance industry involves a collaborative effort from various teams and stakeholders. Each group plays a crucial role in ensuring the documents are accurate, compliant, and effectively communicates what it is intended for. Gemini Consulting & Services engaged in extensive deliberations with client teams and stakeholders pivotal in overseeing and authorizing T&C documents. These encompass teams from underwriting, legal, compliance, product management, actuarial, marketing & communications, customer service, IT and systems departments, executive and senior management officials, as well as external stakeholders like regulatory bodies, reinsurers, and policyholders.

We analyzed the client’s business landscape and the technological requisites for streamlining T&C document management. It emerged that overseeing policy terms and conditions documentation within the insurance industry entails the upkeep, revision, and approval of documents across various tiers. Modifications necessitate scrutiny and endorsement from multiple stakeholders, with the approved changes needing to be seamlessly integrated across pertinent platforms and interconnected documents. Given these complexities, our team opted to harness Generative AI to devise an automated solution for this process.


Key Components of Dynamic T&C Documentation Management

  1. Centralized Document Repository
    • A centralized repository is essential for storing and managing T&C documents. This repository should support version control, access control, and metadata management.
    • Gemini used MS SharePoint as the cloud based DMS platform for this project. Gemini’s in house experts have the capability to use other platforms as well such as Google Drive, AWS, etc.
  2. Automated Document Creation and Updates
    • Generative AI can automate the creation and updates of T&C documents by generating drafts based on predefined templates and rules. AI can also highlight changes for review and approval.
  3. Workflow Automation
    • Implementing workflow automation to streamline the review and approval process was one of the key aspects of the project. Automated workflows ensure that documents go through the necessary steps including reviews, approvals, and finalization which was achieved through this project by Gemini.
    • Gemini used its own bespoke workflow management system for automating the approval process. But Gemini also has the capability to leverage other workflow management systems such as Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier, or any other dedicated insurance workflow management systems to automate approval processes.
  4. Real-Time Collaboration and Version Control
    • Gemini provided real-time collaboration tools for stakeholders to review and edit documents simultaneously. Version control ensures that all changes are tracked, and previous versions can be restored, if necessary, which was achieved in this project.
    • Collaboration Tools: Gemini used MS Teams as the collaborative platform in this project. We have the expertise to leverage other platforms like, Slack, Google Workspace, etc. to facilitate real-time collaboration.
  5. Dynamic Updates and Distribution
    • Once changes are approved, the updates have been dynamically reflected in all related documents and locations. This was achieved through automated content management and distribution systems.
    • Dynamic Content Management: Gemini executed the same by implementing its CMS platform with AI integration. Gemini can also leverage other CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, etc, or specialized insurance content management systems that support dynamic updates.
  6. Integration with Regulatory Compliance Systems
    • Ensuring that the T&C documents comply with regulatory requirements was very much needed by the client. AI can assist in monitoring changes in regulations and suggesting necessary updates to the documents. Gemini’s solution enabled the same to provide a comprehensive solution to the end user.
    •  Regulatory Compliance Tools: Gemini provided tools to help the client to integrate with compliance management systems like MetricStream and RSA Archer.

The Benefits

  • Efficiency: Reduced the time and effort required to draft, review, and approve documents.
  • Accuracy: Minimized human errors and ensures consistency across all documents.
  • Compliance: Ensured that documents comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Scalability: Could handle a large volume of documents and changes efficiently.
  • Transparency: Provided a clear audit trail and version control for accountability.

The process of managing and approving T&C documents in the insurance industry is a collaborative effort that involves multiple teams and stakeholders. Each group brings its expertise to ensure that the documents are accurate, compliant, and clear, ultimately protecting both the company and the policyholders. By leveraging the skills and knowledge of these diverse teams, insurance companies can create robust and effective T&C documents that meet regulatory requirements and customer needs. Leveraging generative AI and automated workflow management systems significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of T&C documentation management, ensuring compliance and dynamic updates across all related documents.


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