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The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing with the increasing number of connected devices, leading to vast amounts of data that need efficient management and processing. AWS IoT Greengrass is an edge computing platform introduced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables local devices to process data near the source while utilizing cloud resources for analytics and management. This technology empowers businesses to build intelligent IoT applications that can function even without an Internet connection.

Gartner predicts that by 2019, more than 15 billion IoT devices are expected to get connected to the enterprise infrastructure.

AWS IoT Greengrass facilitates seamless connections between local devices and the cloud, allowing them to gather and evaluate data close to the data source. It also enables devices to respond independently to local events and communicate securely on local networks. By leveraging AWS IoT Core, local devices can send IoT data to the AWS Cloud. Developers can design and deploy serverless apps to local devices using Amazon AWS Lambda functions and preconfigured connections.

How AWS IoT Greengrass Works?

AWS IoT Greengrass extends AWS capabilities to edge devices, enabling businesses to act on data directly at the edge while utilizing the cloud platform for backup, control, and data analysis. This technology can establish a direct channel to the cloud through the AWS Greengrass core. It can also facilitate local device communication over a telemetry transport protocol.


Understanding Greengrass Core

Greengrass Core is a lightweight software component running on edge devices that can execute Lambda functions and communicate with other devices on the same local network without requiring an Internet connection. It ensures secure device communication by enforcing identity and access rules, allowing only authorized devices to communicate. End-to-end encryption protects data during transmission between the device and the cloud.

AWS IoT Greengrass streamlines the design, development, implementation, and management of device software at the edge, enabling businesses to effectively manage their devices and applications. If you’re interested in implementing AWS IoT Greengrass for your enterprise to manage device data effectively, Gemini Consulting & Services can assist you. Contact us to explore how AWS IoT Greengrass can benefit your enterprise.

Key Features of AWS IoT Greengrass

Execution of AWS Lambda: AWS IoT Greengrass allows the execution of AWS Lambda functions directly on devices, enabling quick responses, data analysis, and interactions with other devices. This reduces the need for frequent data transmission to the cloud and lowers associated expenses.

Docker Container Support: The platform supports the use of Docker containers and container registers like Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) for deploying, managing, and executing containerized applications on devices.

AWS IoT Device Shadows: Greengrass leverages the IoT Device Shadows feature, virtually storing and tracking detailed state information for each device. This helps monitor and compare the device’s present state with the desired ideal state.

Access to Local Resources: With AWS Lambda and Greengrass Core, users can access and utilize local resources on devices such as sensors, GPUs, serial ports, local file systems, and other peripherals.

Testing and Deployment Efficiency: Developers can write and test code on a testing machine before deploying it to operational devices through the AWS cloud. The Command Line Interface (CLI) and native debug console aid in building, testing, and debugging applications seamlessly.

ML Inference: AWS IoT Greengrass supports native machine learning inference on devices using models developed and trained in the AWS cloud. This eliminates data transport charges and minimizes latencies for ML processing.

Stream Manager: This feature collects, analyzes, and transmits data streams from IoT systems, thereby, optimizing data processing and local data retention while adhering to defined metadata and transmission standards.

Prebuilt Features: Prebuilt features for typical use applications make it easy for users to identify, import, set up, and launch apps and services at the edge without dealing with complex device protocols or external APIs.


Prebuilt ML Services: Users can utilize prebuilt ML services such as Apache MXNet, AWS SageMaker, TensorFlow, etc., avoiding the need to build ML frameworks from scratch.

Easy Model Deployment: ML models can be easily deployed to connected devices, and users can choose from a selection of trained models in AWS SageMaker or AWS S3.

Optimized Runtime: ML models deployed on AWS IoT Greengrass devices run with an optimized runtime, offering improved performance, execution speeds, and cost savings.

Local Inference: On-device ML inference reduces the time and cost of transmitting data to the cloud for processing, enhancing real-time decision-making capabilities.

Data Insights and Model Training: Inferences can be made locally, and the findings can be sent back to the cloud for categorization, tagging, and further utilization in ML model training, leading to enhanced model accuracy.

Use Cases of AWS IoT Greengrass

Edge Intelligence: Greengrass enables the integration of intelligence into edge devices, benefiting applications like high-precision farming and driverless vehicles.

Flexible Deployment: It allows the deployment of new or existing programs across fleets, even in remote locations, supporting various languages and runtimes.

Industrial Predictive Maintenance: Manufacturers can enhance operating efficiency by employing Greengrass for predictive maintenance on manufacturing floors, addressing pricing pressure challenges.

Smart Security Cameras: Manufacturers of security cameras can use AWS IoT Greengrass can connect security camera manufacturers to the cloud and add intelligence. It cans also automate processes involved in detecting dangerous activities.

Enhancement of Customer Experience: In hospitality, retail, cruise lines, and amusement parks, Greengrass can improve customer experiences by utilizing object detection models to track footfall and enhance services.

On-Device ML Models: It facilitates the deployment and execution of ML models like face recognition, object recognition, and image analytics directly on the device.