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Technology companies require testing tools to keep up with the market demand for frequent releases and updates of software. These tools also help developers ensure impeccable quality for the software. In addition, testing helps accelerate software development cycles so that you can meet the escalating client demands.

Whether it is ERP software or any other solutions, testing services ensure that the functionalities of the software are tested to the finest standards. The quality, correctness, and completeness of the software, are thereby, assured.

ERP is the critical force that runs thousands of businesses around the world. ERP software helps enterprises manage their operations efficiently. With ERP system, businesses can simplify and enhance planning, budgeting, and financial reporting. Considering the significant role played by an ERP system in running an enterprise, it is important for a tech implementation partner to test the software at every step of the deployment process.


SAP Testing

Enterprises across the globe are leveraging SAP to build a strong foundation for their digital transformation journey, drive business growth and enhance customer experience. While SAP offers a range of products and solutions to help businesses solve their problems and attain business goals, these solutions require end-to-end testing and customization to provide the desired results.

Testing teams mostly provide a best-practice-driven approach to ensure that SAP solutions meet the quality criteria to deliver measurable results. These teams play a critical role in enterprises obtaining SAP products and solutions that add value to their business and help them stay ahead of the competition.

Companies employ a wide spectrum of automation testing tools and use various testing techniques, including functional testing, unit testing, system testing, security testing, and non-functional testing to offer their clients accurate and effective software solutions.

Test Automation

Testing involves understanding various SAP modules and following a quality management process to offer accurate, effective and impeccable SAP solutions. The test automation process ensures that the functionalities of the SAP solutions are tested to the finest in an efficient and timely manner.

These include a wide spectrum of automated testing services, such as test automation assessment and return on investment analysis, test automation tool assessment and suggestions and implementation of a highly robust test automation framework.

Automation tools and quality management solutions focus on providing an SAP environment that helps an enterprise reduce inefficiencies and save time for adding new applications and updates.

By automating all types of tasks such as building, testing, and deploying software, developers can find and solve defects in their codebase. Automation is orchestrated and integrated with tools and processes through a strategic workflow. It can control a particular process or a subset of processes to increase your reliability and efficiency by automating the testing process as well as the business processes. It also reduces the cost and time considerably.

  • Functional: Confirms the software is acting in accordance with pre-determined requirements. ​
  • Load: Simulating real-world usage or load to understand the performance ​
  • Compatibility: Checks to ensure that your software runs on different hardware systems and operating systems.​
  • Security: Used to uncover the weaknesses, risks, or threats in the software and prevents malicious attacks. ​

SAP Testing Tools

SAP systems require specialized testing tools that support their technologies. In addition, customization and industry-specific user needs also can affect the performance of SAP software. As a result, enterprises look for reliable testing tools that can reproduce these scenarios effectively.

Automated testing will help enterprises overcome the difficulties of manual testing by offering accurate results. Unlike manual testing, which is time-consuming, automation tools can complete the process in a few hours. It is ideal for executing complex SAP projects.

The tools for testing should be selected based on the objectives and business process requirements. The budget and expertise of the technical team are the other two considerations for choosing the right testing tool.

Testing is a crucial process in the development and implementation of software. Automated testing saves time, ensures quality, increases return on investment and accelerates the digital transformation of an enterprise. Gemini Consulting & Services has a highly experienced and skilled team of experts who can plan and execute SAP testing services for customers. optimized and bug-free


1. Worksoft Certify

Worksoft Certify is an industry-leading test automation platform to conduct SAP functional testing. It ensures that your mission-critical SAP business applications are working as intended. Wroksoft Certify allows scriptless, data-driven testing and thereby, making it possible for functional experts to run tests.

It also enables business users and QA teams to run automated exploratory, functional, regression and integration tests across hosted and on-premise applications. With this automated testing tool, you can mitigate risks and reduce manpower. It is employed for end-to-end testing in a range of applications and testing scenarios.

You can accelerate project delivery and digital transformation of businesses with Worksoft Certify.


  • Built to test complex business processes
  • Easy API Testing with Worksoft Certify
  • Increase Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Democratize Testing with Automation
  • Easy management of test data
  • Update test data at any time

2. Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca is an SAP functional testing tool that can check the efficiency of some of the major SAP applications, including SuccessFactors, Ariba S/4HANA and Concur. It can be employed for testing from any user, API, or mobile interface.


  • Efficient test management
  • Optimized test coverage
  • Supports most of the SAP applications
  • Helps reduce risks of SAP upgrades
  • Automated business process testing

3. UFT

UFT is a popular tool for SAP testing. Also known as QTP automation tool, it can be used for the quality analysis of various software apart from SAP. Its rich features make UFT very user-friendly.  The tool does not require any special expertise or training to operate and it gives accurate results. It is used for regression and functional testing.


  • Allows testing of both desktop and web applications
  • Technical and non-technical testers can use the tool
  • Helps conduct uninterrupted functional testing
  • Integration with test management tools
  • User-friendly, easy to maintain and comes with in-built IDE

4. JMeter

Apache JMeter is an open-source performance testing tool. It can check both load and stress. It is one of the best tools for checking the performance of SAP BI applications.


  • As it is open-source, developers can use source code
  • Its GUI makes it very user-friendly
  • Runs on multiple platforms
  • Test results can be visualized
  • Allows extended testing

5. IBM Rational Performance Tester (IBM RPT)

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester is used for checking the performance of SAP software. It emulates various user loads to mimic the real-life loads. The tool allows for realistic simulation thereby, helping estimate future loads using current loads. If a customer’s application is expected to serve 5000 users, the tool will be able to emulate the user loads at 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 and beyond. This will offer you an idea of the right user growth and you can project server sizing, such as optimal CPU and memory requirements, more accurately.

IBM Rational Performance Tester helps software testing teams to start the testing process early and more frequently as part of a DevOps approach. The tool helps check the scalability of web and server applications accurately so that the presence and cause of system performance bottlenecks can be identified easily. It also reduces load testing. With this tool, testing teams can conduct performance tests quickly and analyze the impact of load on applications.


  • Saves time and reduced testing complexity by creating test scripts without programming.
  • Can be used for load testing against a wide range of applications, such as SAP, HTTP, SIP and Siebel.
  • Offers reports in real-time and helps analyze performance problems at any time during a test.
  • Cloud version enables large-scale and globally distributed performance testing.