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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted work and businesses in unprecedented ways. While a few businesses are managing with their employees working from home, some businesses need technological solutions to bring back their employees to offices. Gemini’s smart workplace management solutions help businesses create a safe workplace for their employees.

COVID-19 spread has been emotionally challenging for all people, across the globe, changing our day-to-day life in unimaginable ways. It compelled most of the businesses to let their employees work-from-home. Now, as businesses reopen, it is important to return to work safely as the threat is not over yet.

Physical distancing, hygienic surfaces and contactless engagements are a must to work safely and to thwart the risk of the spread. Technology has been a great help in this troublesome period and has again come to the rescue of businesses by creating a safe and contactless work environment in the offices.

At Gemini Consulting & Services, we’ve created technological tools for smart workplace management leveraging touch free and other digital technologies, to help businesses quickly start their operations. To know more about our services, click here.

Creating a Safe Workplace

What are the requirements of a safe workplace in current times? What are the things to keep in mind while bringing your employees back to the office? While each business will have its own list of needs depending on its employee numbers, infrastructure etc., here are a few common requirements to creating a safe workplace.

  1. Touch free entry and exit of employees with proper crowd management to avoid crowding of people at one place
  2. Attendance logs that don’t require signing on a paper sheet or use of swipe cards
  3. Desk allocation systems
  4. Touchless opening & closing of doors
  5. Office amenities management to avoid packed rooms
  6. Collaboration tools for employees to communicate from a distance
  7. Centralized announcement systems
  8. Touchless payments in cafeteria and food courts inside the office building
  9. Compliance with health safety guidelines

Gemini’s Smart Workplace management solution can help you meet all these requirements and more through a single solution.

Smart Workplace: What Gemini Offers

Our smart workplace management solutions are built using a combination of technologies, including touch free technology, Internet of Things (IoT), conversational bots, mobile apps, digital payments etc. Let’s discuss each of these technology offerings and understand their role and application in ensuring a safe and smart workplace.

  • Touch Free Technology: Gemini focusses on leveraging touchless technology to build devices for essential businesses and shopping malls. Using a combination of sensors, cameras, mobile apps and digital wallets, we have created a touchless shopping solution for a grocery business. As per a report by marketsandmarkets, the global market for touchless sensing market is projected to reach $15.3 billion in 2025 from USD 6.8 billion in 2020. The report states growing demand for contact-free sensing as well as hygiene issues as main drivers of growth. Currently, we are in the process of developing a mobile-based solution with voice-recognition software to open and close doors and shutters in offices.
  • Conversational Bots: AI-powered chatbots can today play complex roles in various business processes. You can use it in customer support to answer simple customer queries. Conversational bots can also be a good virtual assistant for your employees and can perform simple tasks that don’t require human-level skills and intelligence. Gemini has harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to design and build conversational bots for the real estate industry. Our bots can automate the mortgage business process and help home buyers in application processing, pre-approval, document management and document approvals. We have also built custom-made chatbots to serve real estate customers 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Mobile Apps: You can build an app for everything and it’s pretty convenient for your employees. It can be used to help your employees collaborate, send alerts and notifications and even operate machines. If you’re a retail business, you can build mobile apps for your shopping assistants with information about products, prices, and stock availability etc. Mobile apps are also helpful in training your employees. We have built mobile apps for educational institutions for automating the attendance process, fee payment and application processing. We have also implemented a customized online learning system for students that facilitates live interaction and engagement between faculties and students.
  • Contactless Payments: We are seeing more people opting for contactless payments. You can enable contactless payment through tap-top-pay credit cards or payment apps in the cafeteria and food court etc., for your employees to pay touch free. We have developed a digital authentication platform with innovative security features that make it easy for consumers to carry out financial transactions. This premier authentication technology for digital transactions is designed to combat fraud. It is offered worldwide through a number of industry-specific solutions. The platform allows enterprises to create a login app, which can be integrated into their existing financial transaction app.

Bringing your employees back to the workplace and providing them a safe environment to work with peace of mind requires imagination, resilience, and reinvention. If you’re thinking to reopen your offices or storefronts, Gemini’s smart workplace management solutions team is here to help. We will help you quickly build the necessary capabilities to create a safe work environment for your employees and restart your operations.

Technology is the mainstay in today’s times and in the future. A lot of the workplace management solutions will be useful to you not only today but also in the future. Therefore, it makes sense to invest your resources in building robust facilities.