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In the digital world, apps have become the main drivers to processes, revenue, and customer experiences. There is a strong correlation between the performance of the apps and the success of a business. And now, with applications getting more feature-rich and powerful driven by new technologies, App Operations Management is more essential than ever.

Application Operations Management (AOM) addresses a wide range of performance management issues in an app caused by new developments like cloud and virtualization, increasing app complexity, and rising customer demand. The AOM manages the entire app environment and monitors the app performance to ensure that the applications deliver on user expectations and help businesses realize their goals. Application Operations Management delivers many key benefits including:

  • Faster and Agile Operations
  • Drives Automation in the Environment
  • Reduces OPEX
  • Faster Resolution of Issues
  • Improves Governance

App Operations Management Challenges

There are a few challenges in application operations management arising from a wide range of issues within organizations and outside. These challenges need to be quickly addressed to make app operations management coercive and efficient.

Rapid release cycles- Nowadays every app developer, be it an enterprise app or a customer-facing app, needs to deliver frequent updates for new features, fix bugs and glitches at the earliest, and stay one step ahead of the competition to satiate users’ insatiable appetite. This calls for rapid or short release cycles but requires robust planning and processes to ensure quality. The short release cycles demand app operations management in real-time.

App Diversity & Complexity- Applications are becoming increasingly diverse and complex. New development methodologies, architectures and protocols, while making businesses quick and responsive to user requirements, have made it harder to manage the development environment. The new challenges require App Operations Management to adapt to a new role and offer new solutions.

Volume of Data- Every app today generates huge volume of data. However, the volume of data, makes root-cause analysis complex. With enterprises using many apps, internally and externally, the problem just compounds. App operations management needs to be fast and accurate to identify problems at a deeper level and address it at the source before it ripples out further.

Personalized User Experiences- Personalization is key to the success of an app. Users demand hyper-personalized experiences tailored to their needs. App Operations Management needs to monitor the user experience in real-time to enhance the user experience and address issues.

Application Analytics- Apps today requires in-built capability to track various metrics and predict performance issues. It requires real-time processing and analysis of collected and correlated data to extract insights on app operations, customer experience and other outcomes. With each day, data analysis is getting powerful but complex. App operations management needs to enable the required analytical capabilities in the app.

Enterprises today are more dependent on apps than ever. And that’s why it is critical to have an application operations management function that addresses key challenges. App Operations Management needs to constantly adapt to the changing app environments to be more effective in handling privacy, security, rapid app deployment cycles, interoperability, customer experience and personalization etc.

At Gemini Consulting, over the years, we have built robust capabilities in enterprise app development. We have worked with several businesses to help them improve their app operations and performance. To know how we can help you manage your applications, contact us.