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VMware is a robust application that enables the creation of virtual machines on computers or servers, optimizing resource management and boosting overall business efficiency. Enterprises widely adopt VMware to streamline application transition procedures, accelerate deployments, and minimize conflicts during the deployment process. By effectively separating applications from underlying operating systems, VMware enhances management capabilities and offers valuable features.

Through VMware, businesses can rapidly update older applications to handle next-generation infrastructure and advanced management tools effectively. It serves as a reliable foundation for cloud environments across businesses of all sizes.

The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) offers a VMware-based cloud environment in OCI. This customer-managed and native cloud environment empowers businesses to build a VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) within the Oracle cloud, leveraging dedicated high-performing hardware and the full VMware software stack.

The VMware SDDC provisioning is automated completely ensuring there are no additional operational overheads that will be needed to set up a new data center. Businesses can leverage Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) to transfer Companies can seamlessly transfer VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud while maintaining existing tools, processes, and regulations, thereby gaining scalability and agility. Existing customers retain complete control over their VMware deployments while also leveraging OCI features.


Deployment of the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

OCVS expedites cloud migration through proven technologies and complements VMware partnerships with leading cloud providers like AWS (VMware Cloud on AWS), Microsoft (Azure VMware Solution), and Google (Google Cloud VMware Engine). This empowers organizations to select the most suitable public cloud for their VMware workloads.

Customers can effortlessly deploy OCVS using their existing Oracle Cloud account and Virtual Cloud Network (VCN). Oracle Cloud backbone network facilitates the integration of the virtual machines available in the SDDC and native cloud services, like Oracle RAC, Exadata, and Database Cloud Services.  This setup grants customers full control over their Oracle Cloud account and administrative/root access within the VMware environment.

With end-to-end control, businesses can implement robust security protocols and policies, while Oracle takes care of managing the underlying infrastructure hardware, and the business retains control over the VMware stack. Enterprises can choose the appropriate version, apply upgrades, and enjoy full interoperability with existing third-party solutions for backups, monitoring, and security, effectively reducing the risk during cloud migrations and data breaches. This enables engineers to focus more on service improvements and project delivery, fostering innovation and growth.


The pricing model of this solution combines the cost of physical nodes, including all necessary hardware support and VMware licensing. HCX capabilities of VMware and its other features like L2 network extension along with VCF facilitate seamless migrations of VMware workloads to the cloud. In this process, VM file format or network settings do not get changed much. Moreover, VMware administrators can efficiently manage the common software-based infrastructure across both on-premises and cloud environments using their existing tools and skills.

Unique Capabilities

Oracle offers distinct and advantageous capabilities for businesses. By running an on-premises VMware-based infrastructure alongside OCVS, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure demonstrates a rapid pace of innovation that brings numerous benefits to enterprises. Gemini Consulting & Services is ready to assist in leveraging OCVS to reduce the risks associated with cloud migration. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the deployment process.


Cloud Adjacent Services: Businesses can take advantage of cloud adjacent services from Oracle to modernize parts of their application stack, accessing local Kubernetes and Prophet capabilities.

Seamless Workload Migration: VMware workloads can be migrated to Oracle Cloud without the need for extensive changes. Scalability and agility are easily achieved using VMware-based tools, processes, and policies.

Unified Management: On-premise VMware-based applications can be managed in the same way on Prophet Cloud, utilizing existing skill sets and familiar tools like vSphere, vCenter Server, vSAN, NSX, and HCX. This creates a seamless cloud environment that can work in tandem with the on-premise setup.

On-Demand Disaster Recovery: Oracle Cloud offers on-demand disaster recovery in all its regions worldwide, enabling backup and replication to any location.

Independent-Tenant Service: OCVS is a single, independent-tenant service, ideal for workloads requiring isolated infrastructure and bypassing resource contention commonly found in multi-tenant environments.

Enhanced Security: OCI’s security-first architecture ensures customer-controlled, private access, eliminating threats to data and applications.

Unified Application Management: VMware-driven applications deployed on-premises can be easily maintained in an identical way on OCI, providing a simple and unified view.

High-Performance Computing: The platform supports robust business intelligence and data science competencies with state-of-the-art bare metal or VM GPUs.

Flexible Compute Instances: Powerful instances with E3 compute shapes allow customers to select the number of cores required (1-64 OCPUs) across Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA-based bare metal systems.

Superior Networking: Fast, reliable, and secure networking ensures optimal performance and handling of latency-sensitive workloads such as OLTP, real-time analytics, HPC, streaming, etc.

Diverse Storage Options: Oracle Cloud provides object, block, archive, file, and local storage options to meet various enterprise storage needs.