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Oracle has integrated AI into Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) to enhance employee empowerment and productivity. Through Oracle’s Fusion Cloud Applications and specialized cloud infrastructure, enterprises gain access to advanced AI tools for better decision-making in areas like hiring, talent retention, and performance tracking.

The Fusion Applications Suite provides a comprehensive set of business solutions on a unified data platform, incorporating a wide range of AI functionalities. These AI features leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), known for its high-performance GPU cluster technology, low latency, and high bandwidth RDMA network, enabling seamless AI workload execution.

In collaboration with Cohere, Oracle enhances its Fusion Applications Suite with generative AI capabilities, leveraging both foundational and specialized Large Language Models (LLMs). This integration empowers users to streamline tasks, improve customer and employee experiences, enhance data insights accuracy, and drive overall business value.


Data Privacy and Security

Oracle prioritizes the protection of customers’ enterprise data, privacy, and security. Within OCI, both prebuilt and customized models are hosted. Through Oracle’s generative AI service, there is a strict policy against sharing customer data with LLM providers, other customers, or third parties. Furthermore, only the individual customer who owns the data is permitted to utilize custom models trained on their specific data.

Generative AI in Fusion HCM

Oracle is committed to integrating AI advancements into the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, with a particular focus on Human Capital Management (HCM). As part of this initiative, Oracle has introduced generative AI capabilities to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. The following are key benefits of these new features.

Gemini Consulting & Services has a team of Oracle consultants who can help enterprises to implement AI-integrated Fusion HCM and improve productivity of their employees. Contact us to understand the AI features of Fusion HCM and its advantages.

Assist Managers in Crafting Engaging Job Descriptions

Our Gen AI feature empowers managers to swiftly and effortlessly compose job descriptions that captivate and attract the ideal talent. With AI Assist, managers have the flexibility to seamlessly modify descriptions and other textual content. Rest assured, our AI models are equipped with safeguards to prevent errors and ensure desirable outcomes.

Streamline the Application Process for Candidates

Harnessing the power of AI, we streamline the application process by extracting relevant information from candidates’ resumes to eliminate friction points. With minimal effort, candidates can discover open positions, apply, and schedule interviews hassle-free. Our AI-powered chatbot leverages context to provide candidates with insights into benefits, company culture, and more. Moreover, our “touchless automation” feature can be tailored to advance candidates based on application attributes, potentially offering immediate interviews without human intervention. This functionality proves invaluable for both high-volume positions and esteemed candidates.

Help Managers to Conduct Efficient Performance Reviews


AI aids managers in reducing the time required to deliver thoughtful and personalized performance reviews. Providing comprehensive evaluations across various dimensions for each employee can be a daunting task, particularly for sizable teams. AI lightens this load by transforming simple prompts and informal feedback into polished business prose. Furthermore, it performs error checking to safeguard against undesirable AI-generated output.

Given below are the comprehensive list of capabilities offered by the AI features.

  • Support in writing
  • Employee profiles
  • Acknowledgment of employees
  • Setting goals
  • Crafting job descriptions and requisitions
  • Compilation of knowledge articles
  • Offering suggestions
  • Designing survey questions
  • Providing tips for competency development
  • Summarizing information
  • Condensing performance reviews
  • Assessing candidate qualifications

Oracle employs AI to transform Oracle Cloud HCM, enabling candidates, employees, and managers to focus on tasks of higher value. Rather than replacing human input or disregarding their judgment, AI is integrated with safeguards to prevent errors. In Fusion HCM, AI empowers the workforce to enhance their job performance effectively.