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Oracle Database@Azure is an innovative service that allows the deployment of Oracle database services, originally running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), directly within Microsoft Azure datacenters. With Oracle Database@Azure, users can leverage the robust features of Oracle Database, including Real Application Clusters and built-in security, while also harnessing the capabilities of Azure services like the Azure OpenAI Service for generative AI applications.

Embracing a multi-cloud strategy, Oracle and Azure collaborate to benefit mutual customers. Oracle takes charge of operating and managing the Oracle Exadata Database Service, the first of several planned Oracle database services to operate on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) within Azure datacenters. This service significantly simplifies the migration of critical workloads to the cloud.

Oracle Database@Azure streamlines the migration process for Oracle workloads to Azure, allowing customers from various industries to combine Oracle’s strengths with Microsoft’s extensive cloud services. This includes Azure AI, Oracle application platform, and developer services, fostering business innovation.

Recognizing the prevalence of multi-cloud usage among customers, Microsoft and Oracle have worked together to seamlessly connect Azure Services with the latest Oracle Database technology. The service leverages the effectiveness of the Exadata platform, making it the optimal choice for running the Oracle Database on Microsoft Azure.

Currently available in the Microsoft Azure East US region, Oracle Database@Azure will be accessible in additional regions by 2024, responding to the growing demand.

Oracle Database@Azure grants customers direct access to Oracle database services on OCI, seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Azure datacenters. This integration delivers the performance, scale, and workload availability advantages of Oracle Database on OCI, coupled with the security, flexibility, and top-notch services of Microsoft Azure, including AI services like Azure OpenAI.

Oracle Database@Azure aims to expedite customers’ cloud migration journeys. It enables them to modernize their IT environments and capitalize on Azure’s infrastructure, tooling, and services. For expert assistance in migrating mission-critical applications to the cloud and embracing the next generation of AI, enterprises can turn to Gemini Consulting & Services. Contact us to unlock a new era of cloud-powered innovation.


Multi-Cloud Tailored for Customers

Oracle Database@Azure offers a seamlessly integrated solution for deploying, managing, and utilizing Oracle database instances within the Azure environment. This facilitates organizations in harnessing the full potential of Oracle and Microsoft capabilities through the user-friendly Azure portal.

This service is strategically crafted to address major challenges associated with adopting multi-cloud architectures. It tackles issues such as disjointed management, disparate tools, and a convoluted purchasing process, providing customers with a more streamlined experience.

With this development, customers gain the flexibility to deploy Azure services alongside fully managed Oracle Database services within a single datacenter. This encompasses support for Oracle Exadata Database services, Oracle Autonomous Database services, and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). Additionally, Oracle and Microsoft have collaborated on a support model geared towards swift response and resolution for critical workloads.

The collaboration has not only simplified the procurement and contracting procedures but has also made it more accessible. Customers can now acquire Oracle Database@Azure through the Azure Marketplace, leveraging existing Azure agreements. Moreover, they can utilize their existing Oracle Database license benefits, including Bring Your Own License and the Oracle Support Rewards program.

In the ongoing journey of enterprises toward digital transformation, the interoperability of cloud service providers becomes increasingly crucial. Microsoft and Oracle prioritize their customers’ needs by offering a collaborative solution that empowers organizations to provide superior experiences to customers while meeting stringent compliance and regulatory requirements with minimal disruptions.

Recognizing that data is the lifeblood of any business, and the cloud is the optimal platform for analysis, the Oracle Database@Azure integration allows customers to run mission-critical systems and associated data in the cloud. This strategic advantage enhances their global operations, ensuring scalability and efficiency in the pursuit of actionable insights from their valuable data.

  1. Optimized Performance and Scale

Achieve the highest levels of Oracle database performance, scale, and availability. Also, customers can benefit from feature and pricing parity comparable to OCI public list prices.

  1. Simplicity, Security, and Low Latency

Experience the simplicity, security, and low latency of a unified operating environment within Azure’s datacenter.

  1. Streamlined Migration

Facilitate a smooth migration process to the cloud, enabling the modernization of IT environments. Capitalize on Azure’s infrastructure, tooling, and services for enhanced efficiency.

  1. Proven Migration Tools

Utilize compatibility with established migration tools like Oracle Zero Downtime Migration.

  1. Consistency with On-Premise Deployments

Ensure consistency with on-premise deployments of Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata, minimizing the need for re-architecture.

  1. Cloud-Native Application Development

Build new cloud-native applications using OCI and Azure technologies, including the incorporation of Azure OpenAI Service.

  1. Unified Customer Support

Receive unified customer support from both Oracle and Microsoft.

  1. Simplified Purchasing

Streamline the purchasing process through the Azure Marketplace. Leverage existing Oracle and Microsoft licenses, commitments, and discount programs.

  1. Trusted Architecture

Gain confidence in an architecture that is tested and supported by two of the most trusted names in the cloud.

  1. Expanded Options for Migration

Explore diverse options for migrating Oracle databases to the cloud.

  1. Industry-Leading Database Solutions

Benefit from the highest level of Oracle database performance, scale, and availability, ensuring feature and pricing parity.

  1. Cloud-Native Application Development Opportunities

Seize the opportunity to develop new cloud-native applications using OCI and Azure technologies, including Azure’s advanced AI services.

The collaboration between Oracle and Microsoft simplifies the challenges faced by customers, providing best-of-breed technologies and facilitating the adoption of multi-cloud architectures. This partnership accelerates data center exits and supports the seamless migration of on-premise Oracle estates to the cloud.