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One of the most important benefits of implementing a cloud-based ERP system is the ease of use it brings to a business. Today, ERP systems help organizations to transform their mission-critical processes by using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

ERP systems also enable businesses to adapt to a rapidly changing market environment. Implementing a robust ERP system enables enterprises to handle large amounts of data and helps improve business performance.

SAP, a leading provider of ERP solutions, has introduced Fiori, a highly innovative presentation layer with an intuitive and pleasing visual design that helps users by handling tasks more easily. This popular front-end by SAP is simple, adaptive, role-based, and allows easy communication with the ERP system from any internet-enabled device, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

What followed is Fiori version 2.0, which has added CoPilot as a tool to ease user interaction with the ERP. CoPilot, Fiori’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant makes way for a conversational relationship between the user and some ERP tasks.


Understanding SAP CoPilot

SAP S/4HANA has been gaining popularity and is being increasingly adopted by businesses of varying sizes, providing role-based user experience and advanced analytics for better business understanding. SAP CoPilot built on SAP Fiori technology enables employees to interact with SAP systems through conversational AI that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities.

Now, this technique analyses conversation, including contextual, informal and unstructured speech patterns. It then uses the outcome to provide the user with a conversational response. SAP CoPilot also includes recommended links to help users navigate to the correct option in the system to perform an action or obtain the required information. They can also take screenshots and share them to help the enterprise digital assistant with additional information to resolve a query. In a nutshell, it provides options of:

  • A solo chat where only the user can see the information or initiate a collaborative one where one can share information by inviting the team. Here it also allows for the images and the video links to be shared during the chat. This can be linked to frequently used/favorite applications.
  • Notes and messages: A place to store ideas and information.
  • Screenshots that can be taken by users without going out of the chat screen. It allows annotation, highlighting and concealing areas of the screenshot.
  • Adding an object based on a particular activity or choosing from a catalog of objects. Also, if a user wants to find out from which screen that object was added.
  • Highlighting entities added or referenced in the chat, thus leveraging the enterprise search functionality to identify them.
    Obtain all chat notifications

SAP CoPilot also enables the following.

Quick create options for the end user to create an object quickly using a preconfigured autofill form (which can be filled manually or automatically) using the data available on their current screen.

Developers can develop, customize and embed Fiori app elements on Mini SAP version using the SAP Web IDE into SAP CoPilot to support the Quick Create form

The quick view option for the end user is the preview card that displays a quick snapshot of information about an object which appears in the chat.

With the same option, developers can customize information fields to be displayed as per the object being viewed.

It is possible to access an early version of SAP CoPilot using the SAP S/4HANA Cloud via the SAP Fiori launchpad. As a global partner of SAP, Gemini Consulting & Services can help enterprises to take advantage of SAP CoPilot to improve business productivity. Contact us to know more about the deployment process and the business advantages of SAP CoPilot.

Business Benefits of SAP CoPilot

  • Smarter & Faster Collaboration: With SAP CoPilot, notes and business objects can be shared with other users. Let us assume that the purchasing manager of a certain business seeks clarity on certain risk factors with the supplier before a meeting. Using drill-down functionality available in the SAP Fiori launchpad, the manager can access the liquidity trends and view the delivery reliability of a particular supplier. He or she can then produce an interactive screenshot and send it to a colleague who works in the treasury department using the chat window in SAP CoPilot. This screenshot is then immediately displayed on the same pre-filtered dashboard, thereby, enhancing teamwork.
  • Ease of Customization: It is possible to completely customize the virtual assistant to help users with whatever they need pro-actively. The objective of SAP is to create a digital assistant that communicates with the user like a human. With SAP CoPilot, interaction can be conducted in natural language, thus having a humanized, conversational experience across SAP applications, such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors etc.
  • Bot Integration Hub: It brings together all bots in one single interface and provides the bot functionality in different channels, such as Slack via CoPilot. This means that enterprises need not build a bot for every channel as SAP CoPilot enables natural language interaction with enterprise systems and integrates enterprise bots. It is possible to integrate bots from SAP Conversational AI, which is a collaborative platform for building, training, and deploying bots and enables custom dialogs with machine learning-based natural language understanding.
  • Platform Integration: Slack is the collaboration hub for looping in together team members, information, and workflows into a single centralized location and offering key information on demand. By integrating SAP CoPilot into Slack, users obtain the ability to work with SAP CoPilot from wherever they’d like to work, even outside of their SAP applications. This helps users increase productivity and quickly work on their action items. In the future, SAP CoPilot is expected to be integrated into other channels as well, such as Microsoft Teams.
  • SAP CoPilot Skill Builder: It is a code-free tool that can help enable conversational experiences for enterprise applications at scale. Now this means that anyone can intuitively build new skills for SAP CoPilot in a short period.