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SAP has collaborated with AWS to expand its SAP HANA Cloud, a cloud-native, in-memory database, to AWS Graviton. This collaboration is poised to bring advantages to a multitude of global customers relying on AWS and SAP solutions to execute their critical business operations.

AWS introduced Graviton in 2018, featuring server processors built on Arm architecture. Targeting users of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) virtual machine instances, Graviton processors are cost-effective, leveraging an open Arm architecture and they demonstrate lower power consumption. They boast characteristics such as low latency, enhanced scalability, improved availability, and heightened security.

SAP HANA Cloud serves as a unified platform for real-time access, storage, and processing of enterprise data. It encompasses all the advanced functionalities of SAP HANA, supporting multi-model data processing, whether in-memory or on-disk.

Organizations employing SAP HANA Cloud can establish and oversee SAP HANA databases, connecting them to applications on SAP BTP. Additionally, there’s an option for hybrid deployment, accommodating companies requiring a more tailored solution. Users can access databases using various languages and interfaces, constructing applications and models through SAP HANA Cloud tools, providing control over data storage and access.


Adopting SAP HANA Cloud translates to expedited data processing for businesses. With high-performance capabilities, customers enjoy swift data access, independent computing and storage, and scalable operations with no upfront costs—fully managed as a service.

The solution offers the advantage of a single source of truth, enabling seamless connection with data from diverse sources, standardizing and streamlining data management, and minimizing data duplication through virtualization and SAP HANA smart data access.

With SAP HANA Cloud now running on AWS Graviton, customers can harness the combined capabilities of both platforms. This helps foster efficiency and sustainability in their business operations.

Enterprises gain accelerated data processing power by deploying SAP HANA Cloud. The cloud-native, in-memory database enables businesses to access data faster and obtain robust performance and independent computing capabilities. It provides high storage that makes it easy for enterprises to scale their operations, without upfront costs due to its fully managed service model.

Companies can also capitalize on the solution’s capacity to establish a single source of truth. This is achieved by effortlessly connecting with data from diverse sources, standardizing and streamlining data management, and reducing duplication through virtualization and SAP HANA smart data access.

In the digital age, where customers demand data-driven, intelligent applications for precise and swift decision-making, the requirements for computing and memory are growing. These customers seek solutions that optimize costs while maintaining performance and energy efficiency. By selecting SAP HANA Cloud on AWS Graviton, SAP can streamline its compute costs and enable customers to benefit from these efficiencies.

The collaboration between AWS and SAP, particularly in utilizing Graviton, underscores SAP’s commitment to minimizing its environmental impact while delivering valuable solutions. Amazon, in turn, focuses on enhancing the power efficiency of AWS chips, leveraging its expertise in systems design and cloud infrastructure to provide optimal price performance for various workloads on Amazon EC2.

With SAP extending SAP HANA Cloud to AWS Graviton, Gemini Consulting & Services can help customers synergize and leverage the strengths of both platforms. Contact us to foster a comprehensive and efficient solution using SAP HANA Cloud on AWS Graviton.


Energy Savings: Migrating SAP HANA Cloud to AWS Graviton-based Amazon EC2 instances has demonstrated significant energy savings. Graviton3-based instances utilize up to 60% less energy for equivalent performance compared to comparable EC2 instances.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: The adoption of AWS Graviton has enabled SAP to lower the carbon footprint of SAP HANA Cloud workloads by an estimated 45%.

High Memory Bandwidth: AWS Graviton3 supports the latest DDR5 memory, providing a 50% increase in memory bandwidth compared to DDR4.This enhancement contributes to improved performance, particularly for memory-intensive applications.

Improved Performance: Migrating to AWS Graviton has resulted in up to 30% better compute performance for analytical workloads, enhancing overall system efficiency.

Cost Reduction: SAP has observed a 15% reduction in compute costs by moving SAP HANA Cloud to AWS Graviton-based instances, promoting cost efficiency.

The collaboration aligns with SAP’s commitment to environmental responsibility, as evident in its participation in Amazon’s The Climate Pledge. By running SAP HANA Cloud on AWS Graviton, SAP actively contributes to reducing its carbon footprint, aligning with global efforts to address the climate crisis.

SAP and AWS have shared a longstanding partnership since 2008, marked by the development and testing of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. This collaboration extends to SAP’s cloud enterprise portfolio, including solutions like RISE with SAP and SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Additionally, specialized services like SAP NS2 Secure Data Cloud, designed for the public sector and defence clients, leverage AWS for trusted and secure solutions. Noteworthy companies, such as Twitch,, and Zoox Inc., rely on SAP software on AWS for their national and global operations.

Looking ahead, SAP plans to expand its utilization of AWS Graviton to capitalize on ongoing performance gains, cost savings, and energy efficiencies. This strategic move reinforces the enduring partnership between SAP and AWS in driving technological innovation and sustainability.