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High performance and efficiency help enterprises stay ahead of the curve. To improve efficiency and thrive in a digital world, enterprises need to focus on providing a memorable experience to customers. Customer experience is the key determining factor for business growth.

Customer Service Management (CSM) reduces customer churn, promotes brand engagement, and fulfils requirements across various touchpoints effortlessly. To identify and arrest customer churn, businesses must collect feedback, analyse data and act upon them. And they need reliable technology to collect and organize data that can provide an overall visibility to the entire business operation.

According to Forbes, the average retail industry benchmark score for customer satisfaction was 87% in 2019. It has increased 91% in 2020 and in 2022 it reached an all-time high of 92.5%. This indicates that despite higher customer expectations, stores are keeping pace and even going above and beyond to provide a great customer experience.

Today, technology companies offer a comprehensive list of CSM solutions that cover the entire service delivery processes. These solutions help enterprises to turn their organizations in to completely consumer-oriented businesses and thereby, leading to the phenomenon of Service-as-an-Economy. This is what is currently driving the modern digital revolution.


ServiceNow CSM

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) begins with helping businesses streamline and personalize the service management processes. It comes with a portal that acts as a single window to refer to all customer queries, incidents, new requests, solutions, etc. It provides a bird’s-eye-view of services used and helps understand patterns to make informed decisions for the clients or the customers.

ServiceNow CSM provides an omnichannel customer experience by consolidating all customer interactions – be it e-mail, helplines, or social media platforms. This increases the efficiency of customer service agents as it provides them with a workspace to resolve issues quickly and proactively, thereby, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Features of ServiceNow CSM

  • Omni-channel customer engagement for customers to obtain resolution anywhere and anytime. Deployment and access to a knowledge base, chatbot, and community to provide a solution for common service issues.
  • Integrated communication channels to help in smooth communication with customers and offer a holistic view of issues. The customer service team can join hands with various other teams across the businesses to drive faster resolution.
  • AI-assisted recommendations help service agents resolve issues better while being able to monitor and act on potential issues with automatic case creation.
  • ServiceNow CSM helps identify underlying issues to eliminate calls and automatically notify customers about potential or actual incidents.
  • Issue resolution processes, response templates, and knowledge-based articles are all integrated to help support agents solve cases faster.
  • CSM mobile application helps with case management on the go.
  • Advanced Work Assignment helps automatically assign cases and work orders to agents and workers based on pre-decided criteria. There is a visual task tracking tool as well.
  • Detailed customer data management empowers supporting agents with all the relevant information on customers involved, such as contacts, entitlements, purchase history, assets used, etc. Reports and dashboards provide more details such as trends and deeper insights.
  • A comprehensive customer project management tool helps handle the whole project life cycle encouraging both customers and agents to control project tasks.

ServiceNow CSM: Business Opportunities

Customers can very easily report problems and obtain the required information they need with an AI-powered chatbot. It offers complete visibility of issues and resolve the same much faster with ML-powered suggestions. Customers are also encouraged to utilize the knowledge base. Enterprises can manage cases on the go using a mobile app while being able to support customers across all touchpoints. It helps obtain valuable insights about service line performance that can optimize service operations. It accurately measures customer experience and expectations.

Easy-to-build apps and workflows enable users to improve their productivity. Gemini Consulting & Services can help enterprises to leverage ServiceNow capabilities to anticipate trends, prioritize tasks, and drive continuous business innovation. Contact us to learn more about how ServiceNow CSM can help your business.

ServiceNow CSM to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Apart from modernizing legacy service systems and implementing new-age technology, successful digital transformation warrants that organizations re-imagine their business processes and digitize workflows.

Businesses are focussed on automating their operational processes to make their organizations leaner. This begins by deploying a modern and intuitive workflow automation platform like ServiceNow particularly when there is a mammoth round-the-clock function like customer service is involved. ServiceNow CSM is one of the best technologies to automate, predict, digitize, and optimize customer service that in turn fuels overall digital transformation.

  1. Mundane tasks such as handling routine service calls and common queries are transformed using powerful apps and workflows, thereby, enabling faster and smarter experiences. By automating these tasks, the platform helps eliminate manual errors while boosting employee experience as well as business productivity.
  2. It lays the foundation for enterprise-wide integration by eliminating departmental silos. The platform connects the service team to different business units, departments, and teams via a unified hub. With integrated data made available in a central location, employees can make timely, data-backed decisions.
  3. ServiceNow CSM provides critical information and helps in making timely predictions (and decisions and initiating action) while allowing resources to focus on strategy. Built-in machine learning helps virtual agents deliver context-based information and recommendations, ensuring customer and employee queries are readily resolved.
  4. The platform’s analytic capabilities drive operational agility by sharing the right data with those who need it. Using this platform unearths insight into key metrics and KPIs, thus enabling efficient service delivery. Employees obtain real-time visibility into operations while being able to anticipate trends, prioritize resources and work on delivering a superior performance of day-to-day tasks.
  5. The platform can produce a detailed and timely analysis of business performance based on evidential data. This helps a business to prioritize tasks and drive more value from critical operations.

The ServiceNow platform delivers multiple integration touchpoints helping organizations obtain end-to-end visibility into their operations, thereby, enabling resources to make the right decisions.