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Enterprises today have a plethora of language choices when it comes to building apps. One of the programming languages that has gained significant traction in recent years is Go or Golang. The language offers numerous benefits to both businesses and app developers.

The first question that arises when an enterprise starts to build an app is – Which programming language to choose? And the choice is not easy considering there are several tried and tested languages like C++, Swift, Java, Python, JavaScript etc., with their own pros and cons. Golang or Go Programming Language is a great addition to a developer’s tech stack and it is slowly gaining popularity.

Why Developers Love Golang?

Go or Golang is an open-source programming language designed by Google. The credit for developing it goes to Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson. The language was designed to enhance programming speed and packs the best of many popular languages like Static typing of C++, and Usability and Readability of JavaScript. It is syntactically similar to C language but with structural typing, garbage collection and memory safety.

Key Features of Golang

In 2019, Golang conducted a survey of over 10,900 developers and the survey revealed several reasons why developers are loving Go. Here are some key findings.

  1. 86% of developers said that Go is working well for their teams and 89% say they would prefer it for their next project (89%). 59% of respondents believe that Go is critical to the success of their companies.
  2. Go is majorly used in tech companies but is increasingly adopted in other industries like finance and media.
  3. Developers are using Go to solve problems like building API/RPC services and CLIs.
  4. 86% of developers are satisfied with the Library and Tool documentation while 82% say they have a good understanding of Golang’s best practices.
  5. The most common area for working with Golang is web development (66%), databases (45%), network programming (42%), systems programming (38%), and DevOps tasks (37%).

Go programming language is being used by many top companies like Google, IBM, BBC, Apple and Twitter etc. Looking at the success of the language, many small and medium-sized businesses and startups have also started using Go for app development.

Ready for Go?

Gemini Consulting and Services can help you build apps using the Go programming language. We have an experienced enterprise app development team with expertise in working across industries on several mission-critical projects. Our app developers are well versed with Golang and they can help you execute your app vision. Click here to know more about our services.

How App Development Benefits from Golang?

Go programming language offers many benefits to enterprises such as:

  1. Flexibility: Golang can be used for developing a wide range of apps from simple, single-page apps to complex enterprise-level apps. It is not only capable to meet the needs of tech companies but also other industries like finance, media etc.
  2. Cross-Platform Support: Enterprises can use the Go programming language to build cross-platform apps. The language supports multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and mobile platforms.
  3. Faster Development: Enterprises prefer programming languages that help them build apps faster. Golang scores on that too. There is no Virtual Machine in Go environment and the codes are directly compiled to machine code. This makes compilation speedier. With the compiler producing, only one executable file that can be uploaded from anywhere, code execution also gets rapid.
  4. Scalability: Another key consideration for an enterprise app development team while choosing a programming language. Golang supports scalability. It uses basic functions called Goroutines that can run independently and simultaneously and independently to enable handling many tasks at once.
  5. App Performance: This is the deal breaker. The deciding factor for the success of an is its performance. Golang offers excellent performance and a pleasant app experience. It requires fewer system resources and runs well on older devices. As it consumes less RAM, the app is also stable with less chances of app crashing.

In addition to the top 5 reasons discussed above on why enterprises must choose Golang, an additional reason is the availability of Golang app developers. The language is easy to learn. So, your app developers can quickly build expertise on it. Also, you can hire Golang app developers easily as their population is fast growing.