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There are many programming languages in the world with each having its own pros and cons. As 2022 is just a few months away, it is important to know the most popular programming languages used by developers and why they use them.

Enterprises today have plentiful choices in programming languages. The wide range of choices makes it easy for them to build software and apps as per their business needs, team skills, budget and app requirements. The COVID-19 pandemic led to many enterprises accelerating their digital transformation plans. We are also witnessing the emergence of new technologies and reduced usage of some technologies. Let’s look at the 5 top programming languages that will be in demand in the enterprise landscape in the coming days.

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  1. JavaScript: It remains the most popular language among developers as pointed out in several surveys. In a Stackoverflow survey, 69.7% of professional developers choose JavaScript as their preferred programming language. A survey conducted by SlashData in October last year, found, JavaScript is the most popular programming language, with over 12.4 million developers using it globally.

JavaScript offers many benefits to organizations like applicability across the web apps, speed, interoperability, rich interfaces and low server load. Expect JavaScript to remain the favorite among developers and enterprise IT teams in 2021 and beyond

  1. Julia: Leading names like Apple, Amazon, Disney, Facebook, Google, IBM, are either using Julia or are hiring Julia programmers. And it is slowly gaining prominence over Python. Estimate models based on Julia are found to be 10x faster, according to Federal Reserve Bank, New York They said it has helped them reduce the number of lines of code in half. Expect Julia to gain more love from the data science community in 2021. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and other data technologies becoming central to business strategy, Julia will be in demand in the enterprises too.
  2. Golang or Go Programming Language: In a developer’s survey, Golang has emerged as the most sought-after programming language in 2020. Developed by Google, Golang is used by leading companies including Netflix, American Express and Salesforce.

The biggest advantage of Golang is that it makes it easy for developers to write and read codes. There is only a slight change in Syntax, so it is also easy to learn. Other advantages like its an open-source language, concurrency, static code analysis and built-in testing tools make it a top programming language to watch out for in 2021.

  1. Python: It is the most popular programming language for data science projects. While some developers consider Julia better than Python but it is early days to arrive at a conclusion. Julia and Python have remained popular for a long time. In a Stackoverflow survey, Python was chosen by 41.6% of professional developers as their preferred programming language.

Python is predicted to continue its popularity among developers working on Machine Learning and other data-based projects.

  1. Rust: Rust was voted the most-loved programming language by 86.1% of developers in Stack Overflow’s survey. Rust solves many pain points such as memory safety, concurrency and abstractions present in other programming languages with a limited number of downsides. Enterprises will find the use of Rust programming language while building powerful, cross-platform tools, distributed online services, embedded devices etc. However, developers have found Rust to have a steep learning curve and it is to be seen if Rust will found dedicated developers who are willing to walk the extra mile to use the language.

As we have seen, JavaScript and Python continue to retain their popularity among developers. However, Goland, Rust and Julia too are gaining popularity due to various advantages they offer to development teams. The year 2021 will see a lot of enterprise focus on digital and data. The 5 programming languages we discussed above will surely fit their programming needs in the new year and help them build smart products and services.