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Navigating Telecommuting in the times of COVID-19

With many companies making it mandatory for employees to work from home to contain the spread of coronavirus, Gemini offers a few tips to boost your productivity

The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to make it mandatory for employees to work from home. High-speed Internet connectivity, laptops and mobiles have not only helped us connect with each other, but also made it easier to coordinate with coworkers and execute the jobs in a more efficient manner. While technological advancements have made work from home a reality, technology alone is not a sufficient condition for boosting productivity. One has to be extra careful and better prepared to make the most of the great experiment going around the world -work from home.

Studies have already shown that working from home increases productivity and improve health. Researchers have also found that if the employees know how to execute his duties well, remote wok option can benefit both employees and employers.

With telecommuting becoming the new normal, it is time to look at the benefits of working remotely and how employees can boost their productivity when working from home.

1. Stick to Your Original Routine

It is important to create a mental demarcation of work and your personal life. Try to follow the office timings of says 10 am – 7 p.m., even at home. If you need to start working at 10 a.m. do not get up at 9.50 a.m. and reach for the laptop. Be dressed up and ready by 10 a.m. Avoid walking around in pajamas just because you are working from home. Dress in comfortable office clothing.

2. Create an Office Environment

You should set up a dedicated workspace and avoid distractions from others at home, especially children. While the flexibility of working from home can really come in handy, it can have an adverse effect, if you decide to park yourself on the sofa with a laptop and mobile. A well-lit room with a proper table and ergonomically designed chair can be inspiring and help you carry out work in a more efficient manner. A slouch position can lead to physical discomfort, and before you know, you will be seeking a physician’s help rather than focusing on the important project deadline.

3. Keep Kids Engaged in Activities

A dedicated workspace also helps you set boundaries. Schools are shut, and kids are at home too due to COVID-19. If your children are slightly older, you should have a talk with them and make them understand the situation. However, younger children, especially those who are under 6 years, get attracted to laptops and mobiles. In order to secure your workspace, it is important to keep them occupied with something. Stock up on crayons, craft material, coloring books and playdough and distribute them in batches to keep the children engaged. Alternatively, you can give them toy phones or toy laptops to play with.

4. Connect & Communicate

While social distancing is important in real life to prevent the spread of coronavirus, you need not have to live a solitary life at home. Use the Internet, webcam and mobile phones to connect with your coworkers. Most jobs require teamwork and coordination. It is important to communicate with other people from your office on the progress of your work. You should focus on exchanging ideas and data to ensure that your entire team is on the same page. Also, use the Internet to engage with the world. Get on to social media during free time. Schedule online weekend movie screenings together to break the monotony of social isolation.

5. Stay Healthy

Stretch out more and do not fall for the comfort of a couch. Once you start work from home, the number of steps you take daily will come down automatically. To compensate for that, you need to find time to do indoor exercises and yoga. Take frequent breaks and make it a habit to get up from your chair every 20 minutes. Also, eat healthy. Do not stuff your fridge or kitchen cupboard with ice creams or chips. Go for a low-carb diet and include more vegetables and dry fruits in your meal preparations.

6. Keep Realistic Expectations

Do not exhaust yourself. As mentioned earlier, always follow your office timings. Log out and focus on your personal life when needed. You should know yourself and your limitations. If you stretch yourself thin, your health will suffer, leading to reduced productivity. Similarly, it is wise to have a talk with your boss and other teammates on priorities and deadlines. Communicate clearly and be honest about your work and timings.

7. Secure Data and Emphasize on Feedback

Do not use office equipment, such as laptops for personal entertainment. Ensure that your communication channels and data exchange programs are safe and secure. One of the biggest disadvantages of working from home is data security. Make sure that your Internet connection is secure. Do not allow anybody to access your laptop or mobiles. In addition, keep asking your colleagues and bosses for constant updates on the progress of the project you are working on. Take their reviews seriously and improve your work.

As a company, Gemini has always been at the forefront of using technology to improve life. We at Gemini, offer mentoring and training to our employees consistently to manage emergency situations effectively and efficiently. As a result, Gemini employees are better prepared to handle any kind of crisis, including COVID-19. We also coach the project managers and employees on how to avoid miscommunicate so that remote work management becomes more efficient.

For us, employee well-being is a key priority and it is not limited to the times of COVID-19. That is the reason, telecommuting is not a newly introduced option for our employees. In our pursuit of excellence in serving customers, we have always allowed our employees to work from home, whenever necessary, because happy employees lead to satisfied customers.