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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shift in work culture, especially in how employees communicate between themselves and their organizations. Now with the abatement of the pandemic, most companies have shifted to a hybrid work model. As a result, HR teams have adopted flexible onboarding processes, and employees still work in a virtual work environment.

According to Forbes, with the hybrid work model becoming widely accepted, industry experts and thought leaders have been discussing the ways in which organizations can blend in-office and remote work to boost productivity outside of each space.

Employee experience starts as soon as the process of hiring is over and lasts till the exit interview or when the employee retires. It culminates all interactions, events, and experiences. Employee engagement is an emotional and social experience that deals with how a resource feels about his /her work and the company and if their role has a purpose.

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that promises to embolden employee interaction thus helping organizations address the virtual challenges of this new normal- hybrid work culture. This platform leverages Microsoft 365, helping employees obtain resources that are needed for them to perform their regular work and beyond. By streamlining existing offerings and building new capabilities altogether. This workforce engagement application consolidates all engagement tools under a single roof, strengthening employee adoption. Microsoft also embraces a host of third-party service providers dishing out integrated models with the Microsoft 365 stack for businesses.

The platform comes with four launch modules. Topics, Connections, Learning and Insights. These modules possess the ability to operate autonomously and are part of the broader Viva framework, which aims to facilitate connections among virtual communities.


Viva Connections

Viva Connections is a centrally consolidated hub of internal communications, resources, objectives, and policies that provides a structured employee experience/engagement space. It attempts to bridge gaps between various platforms providing a range of engagement content relevant to the specific job and the organization as such. It brings together platforms like SharePoint, Teams, and the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem creating a comprehensive framework for employees to collaborate and share knowledge across functions. It enhances the use and reliability of Microsoft 365, allowing the organization to use the platform effectively while amplifying content. Viva is now a default offering for all Microsoft 365 and SharePoint users, on both desktop and mobile devices without additional charges.

Viva Topics

This accelerates information discovery that helps bring teams and organizations closer together. It aggregates and consumes different information threads across platforms and can bridge M365 content with data from third parties to create intuitive content pages about the organization. By utilizing both artificial intelligence and user input, they effectively transform various content threads managed within the organization into robust information repositories.

As against having to rely on other disparate information threads across tools and mediums, Viva Topics ensures that users find and consume relevant content related to those threads posted by other users in the organization. Viva Topics can be purchased at a reasonable cost for all Microsoft 365 users to try or purchase.

Viva Learning

The objective of this module is to strengthen professional training and development opportunities for resources across organizations. This module combines dedicated learning platforms and automated AI experiences that can be built, and specifically curated personalized training materials for users such that these opportunities are more accessible.

It also provides training from professionals like LinkedIn Learning and and joins hands with other third-party partners. It uses AI to identify and curate training material based on content within the Microsoft 365 environment thus ensuring that training material from disparate sources is easier to be discovered in one location. Team managers can assign courses or lessons to specific teams or individuals, thus fostering a culture of development and learning in the company.

Microsoft Viva offers extensive customization options, allowing enterprises to effortlessly prioritize the creation of a fresh and modern work environment while promoting optimized and user-friendly practices. Gemini Consulting & Services is well-equipped to help you harness the capabilities of Microsoft Viva and enhance productivity within your organization. Contact us to discover how Viva can be leveraged to derive significant value from your HR and Talent Acquisition (TA) goals.


Viva Insights

This module helps with analytics and recommendations on how time is spent by resources and teams entirely. The module extends beyond just productivity; it helps teams focus on balancing work, breaks, and advancement in job roles. Further, reports and analytics on an individual and a team generate holistic recommendations depending on the context. Behavioral data accessed by Microsoft 365 applications from third-party tools like Zoom, Slack, and Workday, further provide inputs to understand the all-around performance of teams and resources. Those users accustomed to MyAnalytics on Outlook and Teams can discover that Insights builds off the Stay Connected and Protect Time features; being accessible within a dedicated Microsoft Teams app the whole time. Users can also seek personal guidance and access public previews for both advanced personal offerings and the module’s built-in Manager/Leader offerings.

Viva Engage

Microsoft Viva Engage makes it easy to create communities, reducing physical distances between co-workers; it adapts features from Microsoft 365 apps like Yammer and builds upon its communication abilities. Resources can easily express themselves through stories and timelines while also engaging with leaders and peers showcasing their passion as well as informative content.

Microsoft Viva offers a complete employee experience ecosystem that integrates communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in a single window helping various business teams to function in a united manner. Since it is powered by Microsoft 365 and gathers experience using Microsoft Teams, a culture of consistent performance from wherever resources and teams are encouraged.