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14567 N Outer Forty Road, Ste 475 
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Dubai, UAE

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7th Floor, NSIC-IMDC Building, Dharmapada Bhawan, IDCO Plot No-6, Block-D, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar-751 010

Digital tools and an integrated application environment help manufacturers to enhance their productivity. Traditional strategies around manufacturing workflows involve an arduous amount of paperwork and human intervention at nearly every stage of the operation. Today, modern businesses are leveraging the power of Industry 4.0 to digitize their workflows.

According to Forbes, the pandemic disrupted the supply chain in the manufacturing industry world-over. It led to a shift towards the digital purchase of goods and triggered the need for an efficient manufacturing supply chain system.

Manufacturers focus on overcoming supply chain challenges to keep up with customer expectations and competition. Without interconnected systems, services get delayed causing a cascading effect on the supply chain. Therefore, operations need to function in a smart, prudent, and efficient manner.


ServiceNow OTM Solution


ServiceNow Operational Technology Management (OTM) solution connects disparate IT and OT functions in an organization, improving experiences and outcomes across the manufacturing value chain.

ServiceNow OTM provides a unified, scalable service platform for functions related to the value chain to meet rising customer expectations. The platform handles the entire business operation with its end-to-end connectivity and management option. It improves customer and supplier relationships. This is possible through information sharing and access to vital data in real-time.

Data sharing drives customer engagement that creates a direct feedback loop, thus ensuring quick resolution of core business challenges and waste reduction. ServiceNow also offers the capability for in-depth data analysis to ensure growth and efficiency at every step. This is carried out while ensuring that the potential for new revenue streams is identified.

Its data-driven approach to studying a complex supply chain helps reduce risk and ensures increased efficiency.

ServiceNow OTM enables manufacturing enterprises to improve efficiency and simplify supply chain challenges. Gemini Consulting & Services can help you deploy ServiceNow OTM for your business. Contact us to learn the advantages offered by ServiceNow OTM.


Modernized Systems and Processes to Create Smarter Workflows

The ServiceNow platform digitizes the entire value chain by providing superior experiences to customers. Real-time monitoring of business modules helps teams prepare for potential bottlenecks to prevent their occurrence and take corrective measures ahead. With automated systems and cloud-based digital solutions, process flows can be streamlined, thus accelerating the operational efficiency of the business, thus reducing unplanned downtime.

Smart Supply Chains at Reduced Costs

Digital transformation helps manufacturers with accurate real-time insights into a variety of supply chain challenges. This leads to reduced supply chain costs in terms of time, resources & equipment. Manufacturers can collect real-time data using ServiceNow and leverage this for predictive analysis and artificial intelligence.

An Omnichannel Platform to Enhance Customer Engagement

ServiceNow acts as a portal and knowledge base giving a direct feedback loop and reverse logistics solutions playing the role of online community resources from virtual agents. It allows the business to provide a one-stop solution that enhances customer engagement. It connects people, systems, and workflows eliminating silos and wasteful redundancies. The focus lies in automating repetitive tasks that can improve service delivery and achieve higher revenues.

  • AI-Powered chatbots on the platform help quickly resolve common customer queries, thereby driving customer engagement.
  • Self-Service portal features a personalized dashboard that offers a one-stop location to check status, initiate changes/cancellations, track invoice payments, and provide feedback from customers for ongoing improvements and efficiencies.
  • Workflows can automatically classify and route issues using machine learning to the concerned resources/groups in the correct department in case of problems.
  • Constant performance analysis of critical indices provides valuable real-time insight to stakeholders who can take remedial action.
  • Eliminates redundant processes for optimum resource utilization and break down silos to improve collaboration and data sharing.
  • AI-driven algorithms predict production issues before they occur. Hence, defects can be reduced, and the product can be delivered on time to customers.
  • Scheduled maintenance helps carry out smoother regular operations run smoothly with less to no inconvenience to end customers and crucial operational processes.

ServiceNow is helping manufacturers address common industry-related challenges as they slowly shift to a digitized enterprise. ServiceNow offers solutions for the manufacturing industry, including product-as-a-service, IT services, customer service, and enterprise systems. OTM provides complete visibility across the shop floor, leveraging the platform’s core functionality for the manufacturing space.

  • OT visibility enhances asset availability with a comprehensive view of how OT assets are deployed, their configuration, and their health.
  • OT service handles service requests with details of incidents and change management.
  • OT security and governance help reduce the risk and increase compliance in the OT environment by detecting vulnerabilities promptly and initiating action.

The OT Management solution begins on the shop floor with handling technologies, including robotic arms, any Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications, and other devices. There is visibility into all these assets via the OT layer, while the process layer enables workflows and automation, removing the challenges of a manual operation.

While ServiceNow does not offer an exclusive OT system, the OT Management solution fits into and integrates with any existing OT environments used by manufacturers without compromising visibility, security, and overall system availability.