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7th Floor, NSIC-IMDC Building, Dharmapada Bhawan, IDCO Plot No-6, Block-D, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar-751 010

Enterprises need to focus on the integration of digital applications to improve business operations and deliver better customer experience. Integration of business applications enhances their speed, agility and make them more responsive to changing market environment.

Despite using multiple automation tools to streamline specific tasks within the organization, gaps in service delivery occur if information cannot flow freely between these automated tasks. ServiceNow offers enterprises a single point of control to bring together all business functions seamlessly.


A leader in ITSM technology with enhanced service capabilities, ServiceNow provides a module-rich platform for seamlessly stepping into Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) zones. The platform extends beyond the IT infrastructure landscape, encompassing security, HR, and other business applications.

ServiceNow as a SaaS solution allows for end-to-end automation of crucial workflows across an array of connected ITSM applications. When deployed as a PaaS tool, ServiceNow allows IT teams to roll out custom applications in tandem with the ones built into the platform.

According to Forbes, organizations that combine the Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) into a Total Experience (TX) can increase their revenue, improve the quality of their products and services, and advance their strategic goals.

The intelligent automation engine embedded in ServiceNow has the potential to detect discrepancies and function as a predictive model, forecast performance, and benchmark the same. ServiceNow integration is a seamless holistic communication between the platform and other business applications that can enforce digital workflows that provide superior customer and employee experiences.

In short, ServiceNow enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate applications on the platform and extend their capabilities to deliver additional functionalities.

The advantages offered by ServiceNow platform are given below.

  1. It helps create a centralized platform that routes all the requests to the right place and directs the right parties to deliver the best service.
  2. There is clear visibility into all the tasks assigned or being carried out in an organization due to centralized data gathering and analysis. The organization thus obtains the necessary control to make continuous improvements based on the results.
  3. There are features that collect, analyse and present data, allowing easy extraction of insights out of hidden data to help identify challenges, causing hindrance to the business growth, and issue alerts to concerned teams accordingly.
  4. ServiceNow is easily scalable with pre-built applications such as IT Services Management (ITSM), Customer Service Management (CSM), Marketing Service Management (MSM) and Human Resource Service Management (HRSM). All of these deliver enhanced functionalities without having to write a single line of code.

Integrating ServiceNow with other powerful applications helps establish a streamlined and centralized system that acts as a central repository for all business services. Gemini Consulting & Services can help you implement ServiceNow platform for seamless integration of infrastructure, software, API, and products effortlessly. Contact us to understand more about how ServiceNow integration can help your enterprise.


ServiceNow and Jira Integration

In any application management environment, bringing together or establishing collaboration with the right cross-functional teams plays a critical role in delivering quality. Jira is one of the best tools used for end-to-end project management. Integrating the same with ServiceNow brings rich functionalities that help enterprises diminish barriers between development and customer service teams. Now, these will otherwise lead to quality issues, delivery delays, and financial loss.

Now with this integration:

  • Customers obtain real-time access to customer issues and resolutions
  • Real-time communication on work in progress within the applications
  • Real-time updates when customer issues are resolved

ServiceNow and Azure DevOps Integration

Azure integration with ServiceNow helps with more efficient IT operations management and event management. The service desk with integration, gets notified about issues in the ServiceNow queue in case of a software bug, and this automatically gets transferred to the DevOps team for resolution. Without this integration, resolving bugs take longer, thereby, impacting the performance of the entire IT ecosystem.

The integrated platform logs the issue in Azure DevOps upon detecting it and transferring important data like log files, traces, comments, and attachments between ServiceNow and ADO.

ServiceNow and GitHub Integration

GitHub is used for projects and product version management. Upon integration with ServiceNow On the other hand, the ServiceNow team uses it to handle their customer service requests. In the absence of integration, the logging of the ServiceNow incident into the GitHub system takes place manually which becomes error-prone and time-consuming. This may also delay the resolution. With an integrated system in place, mundane tasks like data transfer happen automatically while additional data such as titles, labels, assignees, milestones, and descriptions get transferred as well.

ServiceNow and Slack Integration

The integration offers a comprehensive user experience of the Slack platform allowing users to expect streamlined and organized records-related communication. The Slack platform can now be used for resetting the password, seeking help for hardware support, or even reporting an outage. The user will need to create an incident from a message on the Slack channel through message shortcuts or from the shortcuts menu. Suggestions offered by fellow users regarding the incident can be noted, and IT teams to focus better as they do not have to switch platforms. Old records can be discovered by users with a short description or record ID. The message actions feature of ServiceNow helps users manage through direct messages or the Slack platform and react to alerts created using a single button.

ServiceNow and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Integrating ServiceNow with salesforce enables organizations to obtain clear visibility while extending access and allowing collaboration with customer service management (CSM) data.

Organizations can obtain real-time visibility of the day-to-day functioning and priorities of the support and sales teams. Coordination between teams becomes smoother, communication with the customer seamless, and employees can share critical and accurate information, automated and unobtrusive. Relevant teams can remain on their respective platform while being able to share data bi-directionally with other groups.