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7th Floor, NSIC-IMDC Building, Dharmapada Bhawan, IDCO Plot No-6, Block-D, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar-751 010

In today’s dynamic market, organizations grapple with evolving demands, necessitating efficient management and utilization of offices and workspaces. Applications for workspace management play a pivotal role in optimizing office functions and fostering a productive and comfortable environment for employees. This ensures that teams have access to everything they need, cultivating a sense of ownership and enabling them to perform at their best.

Workplace managers can explore various strategies, such as implementing flexitime policies, utilizing desk booking software, or designating time-out areas for relaxation. The overarching goal is to prioritize the employee experience as a foundational step toward establishing an employee-centric business model. It’s crucial to recognize that effective workspace management contributes to an enhanced employee experience, whether they are on-site or working remotely.

A Forbes article says that enterprises have been facing pressure to expand their business for some time now. They need to review their corporate strategies and be ready for an era of increased connectivity, high stakeholder expectations, enhanced automation, and demand for unique customer experiences.


What is the Workplace Service Delivery Suite by ServiceNow?

ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) Suite is designed to manage various aspects of the virtual office environment. It includes features such as handling floor layouts, self-service workspace reservations, requests, and workflows for business visitor preparation — all within a unified platform. The WSD suite is highly adaptable, allowing businesses to use its components as standalone applications or collectively based on their specific needs. This flexibility ensures uninterrupted digital experiences for users. The suite provides workplace insights through a cohesive interface, enabling the efficient management of visitor information, navigation of office premises, and submission of service requests while optimizing available space.

ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery defines workflows to assist employees in finding answers, seeking support, and completing tasks through a centralized source. It streamlines backend processes for employee requests and facilitates the reservation of workplace resources such as conference rooms or desks as needed. In essence, the platform aims to deliver a smooth and consistent digital workplace experience, minimizing complexities in backend configurations for a streamlined workplace environment.

The Workplace Service Delivery Suite from ServiceNow empowers enterprises to dismantle silos and simplify procedures related to facility, guest, and reservation management at physical office locations. Gemini Consulting & Services is well-equipped to help businesses harness the capabilities of the ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery Suite, enhancing overall productivity. Contact us for further information on implementing the ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery Suite.


Optimal Utilization of Resources: Managing resources effectively in a post-return-to-office scenario poses significant challenges. ServiceNow’s self-service Reservation Management platform addresses this by facilitating streamlined transfers and enabling self-service reservations for various available spaces. The platform seamlessly synchronizes with different calendars. Once an organization’s office space data (including regions, campuses, buildings, meeting rooms, individual desks, etc.) is imported into ServiceNow, employees can easily create and access self-service reservations for available spaces, syncing them with their calendars. Workplace management teams can exert control over the reservation process through modules/categories for each type of reservable space. Configurations for each module include:

  • Approval requirements for requests
  • Check-in and check-out protocols
  • Preset standards for services like video conferencing
  • Flexible options for other services such as catering, furniture, and IT support
  • Ability to include additional fees
  • Regional and location settings

Efficient Space Utilization: ServiceNow has collaborated with Mappedin to introduce user-friendly 3D maps within the CMS, offering streamlined navigation. As part of this tie-up, Mappedin’s team helps upgrade existing 2D-floor plans to accessible 3D maps. The workplace manager can use the editor feature to promptly update maps when specific spaces are temporarily unavailable. This collaboration enables:

  • Reservation of parking and meeting spaces, along with the easy location of free workstations
  • Reporting and addressing facility issues
  • Locating and accessing office amenities
  • On-premise turn-by-turn navigation

Facilitating Change Readiness: The Case Management module effectively addresses various workplace-related cases within an organization, encompassing unforeseen issues and requests ranging from plumbing concerns to pest control. This application empowers stakeholders to determine the essential services and requests requiring timely attention, ensuring proper routing to the designated team members. ServiceNow’s flow designer for a pre-defined case progression enables enterprises to manage these cases manually by administrators. By leveraging the Service Activity feature that comes with pre-defined approvals, businesses can trigger automatic approvals for specific case categories configured on the workplace service record.

Unified Visitor Management: ServiceNow’s WSD Suite streamlines organizational processes related to visitor management, encompassing pre-registration, internal task and approval handling, parking allocations, Wi-Fi access, badge printing, and visit updates. Employees now have the capability to select visit dates of visitors upon request submission, accompanied by the option to add notes for administrators and front desk staff. Visitor registration and guest management can be done by the visitor reception dashboard.

Centralized Knowledge Base: ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery introduces a unified knowledge base feature for employees, facilitating requests for various workplace services, including items like a new chair. Additionally, employees can access crucial information such as workplace policies, FAQs, process descriptions, and procedures. As a result, employees can easily address their basic problems. The sharing of knowledge between employees and the facilities team allows everyone to obtain a one-stop place to connect for workplace-related services. HR staff can utilize this capability to document, store, share, and manage knowledge-based articles. This saves time as they can prioritize the display of the most relevant articles.